Spring Cleaning: Have You Had Your Septic System Cleaned Recently?

Spring cleaning takes on all different forms- in addition to cleaning out the attic and sanitizing your kitchen, it is also a great time to think about scheduling a maintenance check for your septic system. During the cold weather, it is not uncommon for septic problems to go unnoticed. However, once spring arrives and the ground begins to thaw, it is the ideal time to have a professional come out and look at your septic system. This is especially true if you have puddles or areas of your lawn that are usually green and grow faster than the rest.

As the warmer spring temperatures are melting all the snow, this also brings an increased risk for flooding, which could lead to trouble for your septic tank. When the septic tank is flooded you will notice a smelly puddle in your yard. Not only are these puddles unsightly but they can also post a public health risk. If you cannot remember the last time you had your septic tank cleaned or it has been more than three years, consider taking care of it along with the rest of your spring cleaning. Out with the old and in with the new!

While you are outdoors doing your spring cleaning take a moment to see if any gutter downspouts are causing runoff to go directly towards the drain field of your septic tank. This can be a very simple fix by rerouting them away from your septic tank and drain field. By avoiding the inflow of extra water you are helping extend the useful life of your septic system.

Even if things seem to be running fine, spring and summer are the seasons when most homeowners schedule their annual cleaning. Proper maintenance including regular pumping is important to ensure that your septic system lasts as long as possible. Septic companies can help you identify and resolve maintenance concerns before they become costly and expensive emergencies. Our proactive approach can save you time and money in the long run.

Neglecting maintenance can be more expensive than you may think. Even if you don’t experience sudden failure in your septic system, not having it regularly cleaned can cost you more than you realize. Take good care of your septic system in the springtime and it will be sure to take care of you all year round.

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