Fishing Is One Of Minnesota’s Favorite Activities – Check Out This Information:

As fishing pressure continues to grow, the MN DNR offers these suggestions to make fishing safe and enjoyable for all anglers:
• Don’t litter with fishing line, Styrofoam, plastic bags, six-pack holders, and other plastics (can kill fish and wildlife that eat or get tangled up in these products).
• Prepare your boat and trailer before you are on the ramp so that you can launch quickly.
• Ask for permission before entering private land.
• Keep only the amount of fish you can use.
• Release some medium-sized fish so they can grow and be caught in the future.
• Resident youth younger than 16 do not need a fishing license.
• Residents 90 and older do not need a fishing license.
• You can purchase licenses online at
Tackles and Lines
• You only may only use one line during the open water season.
• You may use up to three single or multiple-pronged hooks as a single tackle configuration on the end of one fishing line.
• If you use a single tackle configuration, the total length from the first hook to the last hook must be 9 inches or less.
• You may add one additional single or multiple hook on a line as part of a single artificial lure or bait. The hook must be within 3 inches of the artificial lure or bait.

• If you choose to keep your bait when done fishing, you must exchange water in bait buckets with tap or bottled water prior to leaving any water body, except when you are fishing through the ice.
• You can’t dispose of unwanted minnows and leeches in Minnesota waters. Unused bait, including worms and night crawlers, should be disposed of in the garbage.
Total Length
To determine the legal length of a fish, lay it flat on its side, squeeze the tail from tip to tip and measure from the nose or jaw, whichever is longer, to the farthest tip of the tail when fully extended.

Did You Know
9 out of 10 boating deaths could be prevented by wearing a life jacket.

To get the complete 2018 Minnesota Fishing Regulations go to

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