Chahinkapa Zoo – A Must See

Chahinkapa Zoo, located in Wahpeton, ND is home to over 200 animals representing 70 species and 6 continents. When you stop by you will see mammals, birds, reptiles, also check out the Roger Ehnstrom Nature Center, Grandpa’s Petting Zoo and take a ride on the carousel. Here’s a list of the mammals, birds and reptiles.

• Orangutan
• White-Handed Gibbon
• Black-Handed Spider Monkey
• Black And White Ruffed Lemur
• Ringtail Lemur
• Crowned Lemur
• Cotton Top Tamarin
• Bengal Tiger
• Snow Leopards
• Fossa
• Grizzly Bear
• Cougar
• Bobcat
• River Otter
• Red Kangaroo
• Bactrian Camel
• Plains Zebra
• Llama
• Alpaca
• Bison
• Elk

• African Grey
• Bald Eagle
• Blue & Gold Macaw
• Red-Tailed Hawk
• Rough Legged Hawk
• Turkey Vulture
• Black Vulture
• Great Horned Owl
• Eastern Screech Owl
• Five Species Of Pheasants
• More Than Ten Species Of Ducks
• Australian Black Swans
• Peafowl
• Peregrine Falcon
• Saw-Whet Owl
• Mute Swan
• American Alligator
• Red-Tailed Boa
• Burmese Tortoise
• Sulcata Tortoise
• Eastern Leopard Tortoise
• Radiated Tortoise

Chahinkapa Zoo’s Mission – Wildlife Education, Environmental Conservation, and
Family Recreation

The Chahinkapa Zoo seeks to accomplish its mission by the following:
• EDUCATION- Presenting educational programs and providing interpretive information throughout the zoo grounds and Rodger Ehnstrom Nature Center to enhance understanding and respect for wildlife. Conservation through education.
• ANIMAL CARE- Providing high quality animal care and serving as a wildlife rehabilitation center.
• EXHIBITS- Developing a safe, natural and healthy habitat for each species.
• COLLECTION- Providing our visitors with a clean, green and natural setting where they may view native North Dakota wildlife, animals from around the world and selected endangered species.
• FACILITIES AND COLLECTION STAFF- Offering a quality experience in a friendly atmosphere at reasonable prices.

Hours: May 11 – Sept. 3, 10am-7pm daily, 1004 RJ Hughes Drive, Wahpeton, ND, (701) 642-8709

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