Achieve The Ideal Sound Experience At Home

Advancements in digital technology over the years mean that almost anyone can own a home theatre or music room or build a recording studio in their home. When you’re planning your project, there are a number of elements that will make the difference between good and great sound.
Just like in real estate, location is crucial, so finding the best space within your home will be vital. You want to find a place that will provide ample room, comfortable temperatures and easy access. A room with windows is fine, as long as they are double glazed, sealed correctly and don’t open.  Be sure to install a heavy, well-insulated door to prevent sound leakage.
Insulation is among the most critical steps in creating an ideal sound experience. Many professionals recommend Safe’n’Sound insulation produced by Roxul. Specially designed for your home’s interior walls, ceilings and floors to reduce the transfer of noise from one room to another, this high-density stone wool insulation provides an excellent acoustic barrier that effectively absorbs sound. Its nondirectional fiber structure composition, density and friction-fit prevent any gaps and combat airborne noise such as music, speech and traffic sounds.
Sound can often echo and reverberate. Sound dampening measures such as carpeting can help alleviate the problem or you can purchase acoustic panels that prevent sound reflections throughout your room. With basic DIY skills, you can also simply and affordably construct your own acoustic panels, using stone wool rigid board called Comfortboard IS, which is effective at reducing the intensity and propagation of noise.
Insulating properly will help achieve optimal sound quality. It will also allow you to get the most of your space without disturbing the rest of your family or neighbors. All that’s left is to turn up your tunes and enjoy.

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