6 Ideas For Rainy Summer Days

Summer vacation means spending time outdoors and enjoying sunny skies. But not every day will be sunny and clear. For those banking on spending long summer days outside, rainy days can put a quick damper on those plans. However, poor weather doesn’t have to diminish all of the fun. The following are some go-to ideas that can keep summer vacationers happy even when the rain is falling.

1.    Visit area museums. It’s probably been a while since you’ve looked at the sights in your hometown, and rainy summer days provide the perfect opportunity to take them in from a tourist’s perspective. If you are away from home when the rain starts to fall, inquire about any unique indoor activities the area has to offer. Hotel lobbies and concierge offices typically have lots of brochures advertising nearby activities.

2.    Do a scavenger hunt. Make up clues and hide a prize to be discovered at the end of the hunt. Scavenger hunts can keep children or adults occupied until the rains subside.

3.    Have an indoor campout. If weather cancels your plans to camp out under the stars, pitch your tent indoors and camp under the ceiling. Tell scary stories and tinker with s’mores recipes to make your indoor camping seem more like the real thing.

4.    Stock up on board games. Board games are the original boredom-busters. They’re portable, and they can quickly turn a rainy day into something much more tolerable. Up the ante and have winners from each game compete against one another in a game of a different type.

5.    Head to the theater. Catch that summer action flick or curl up next to a sweetheart and watch the latest romantic comedy. Some movie theaters even offer discount tickets at certain times during the summer.

6.    Don’t be afraid of the rain. Unless you’re a certain witch with a wicked streak, chances are you will not melt in the rain. Summer rain actually can be refreshing, so put on your rain jacket and enjoy a stroll or even find a way to have fun in the rain. It’s alright to get messy during a rainy day volleyball or football game. Just be sure to run inside the moment you see any lightning.

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