Minnesotans have a strong history of voting and participation in elections. Minnesota routinely leads the nation in voting percentage and the last mid-term elections saw 51% of eligible voters turn out. However, during the 2008 election, a whopping 78% of voters participated and in some counties, over 90% voted. In 13 of the last 17 elections, Minnesota lead the nation in voting percentage.


We are hearty people and we get involved. In fact, 38% of Minnesotans volunteer part of their time. Giving back and being part of something bigger is in our northern DNA which is why we turn out to vote, to have our voices heard.


Tuesday March 1st is our next chance to be part of the election process. On “Super Tuesday”, have a plate of TatorTot hot dish ahead of time and head out to your local caucus location. There are seven locations in Otter Tail County and you can find them at any one of the following sources:, (use the drop down menu and go to elections. check Caucus Finder) or you can go to the Minnesota Secretary of State website:


Meet your friends and neighbors at the caucuses and join a process that is bigger than any one cause. Get out and vote, it’s a Minnesota thing.

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