Tri-County Honors Organ, Tissue and Eye Donors and Recipients; Flag Raising Ceremony Held April 8

Wadena, MN – April 11, 2016 —The Donate Life Flag is being flown at Tri‐County Health Care during the month
of April to honor local organ and tissue donors, their families and recipients. The display is part of a national initiative,
Flags Across America, designed to honor and celebrate the hundreds of thousands of donors and recipients whose lives
have been affected by organ, eye and tissue donation.

To honor local donor families and recipients, a flag‐raising ceremony was held on Friday, April 8 at Tri‐County
Health Care. Special guests included Robby Grendahl, a heart transplant recipient, and his wife Lori. Also present were
Kandi and Darren Kelderman, parents of organ donor Sam Kelderman, who unexpectedly passed away earlier this year.
Donor families, transplant recipients, friends and the public gathered for the presentation and flag raising.

Growing from one person’s idea into a nationwide display of unity, the vision of Flags Across America is to
proudly fly a Donate Life Flag at organizations that support the gifts of donation. This initiative is meant to encourage
the public to designate donation decisions by registering their wishes in their state donor registries. Locally, Tri‐County
Health Care partners with LifeSource to support families at the end‐of‐life and offer the opportunity of organ and tissue

According to the Life Source website, there are more than 123,000 men, women and children in the United
States waiting for life‐saving organ transplants and more than 3,700 live in the Upper Midwest. Every 10 minutes
another person is added to the list and on average 22 people will die every day because they won’t receive a transplant
in time. The donation from one person can save and heal up to 60 lives through organ, eye and tissue donation.
“Last year, two tissue donors at Tri‐County Health Care provided more than 120 gifts for transplant recipients.
Flying the flag honors our local donor families and the many people their loved one’s gifts have touched,” said Joel
Beiswenger, Tri‐County Health Care President and CEO.


Across the nation, thousands of Donate Life flags will be flown and displayed throughout the month of April –
National Donate Life Month. In addition to this bold initiative, Tri‐County Health Care now offers donor families the
option of flying the flag at the hospital, during their loved one’s donation event, in a show of support and to honor their
loved one’s memory. If you are interested in learning more about organ and tissue donation, please visit: life‐
Click here to view a short video recapping the Donate Life Flag Raising Event at Tri‐County Health Care:

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