ST. PAUL, MN—The Job Growth and Energy Affordability bill was calendared by the House Rules and Legislative Administration Committee Monday, and now heads to the House floor, where it will be debated and voted on Wednesday, April 22.
The bill includes provisions aimed at making energy cleaner and more affordable, as well as workforce housing and broadband grant funding to continue job growth and technology expansion in Greater Minnesota.
Chair Job Growth and Energy Affordability Committee Rep. Pat Garofalo, R-Farmington, issued the following statement:

“This bill will make energy cleaner and more affordable for Minnesota families, and continues our commitment to growing jobs and expanding broadband access in Greater Minnesota,” Garofalo said. “This bill, combined with the new market and other tax provisions that have moved to the tax bill, will help generate good-paying jobs in all corners of the state.”

The bill includes reforms to the Renewable Energy Standard, allowing the state to count hydroelectric and energy storage toward renewable energy goals. It also includes incentives for electric, propane, and natural gas vehicles which will reduce pollution. During last Friday’s Ways and Means Committee, the bill was amended to restore funding for the Office of Broadband, as well as funding for the broadband grant program.


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