Fjeldheim appointed new Tri‐County Health Care Board Chairperson

Fjeldheim appointed new Tri‐County Health Care Board Chairperson
Tri‐County Health Care governing board elects officers for 2016‐2017
Wadena, MN – February 19, 2016 —Tri‐County Health Care’s governing board recently appointed Dave
Fjeldheim as the newest Board Chairperson for 2016 and 2017. Fjeldheim takes over the chair position from Dave
Quincer, a board member since 2009 and board chair for the last two years.
Quincer, owner and operator of Cozy Theatre, was born and raised in Wadena and graduated from University of
North Dakota (UND) in 1987 with a degree in Business Administration/Accounting. Quincer worked for the Department
of Defense from 1987‐1992 before returning to Wadena and purchasing the Cozy Theatre from his father in 1994.
Quincer’s community and professional involvement has included numerous organizations and projects. He and his wife,
Lynn, a Wadena‐Deer Creek fifth grade teacher, have four children.
“Dave Quincer’s family history, business leadership and interest in our medical community made him a natural
board leader,” said Joel Beiswenger, Tri‐County Health Care President and CEO. “His mom was a long‐time Tri‐County
Health Care employee. Wanting to protect the health of friends and family is in his blood.” During Quincer’s tenure, Tri‐
County celebrated its 90th anniversary, successfully recruited two new board members, created plans for the future that
supports the accountable care act, collaborated with the Maslowski Trust to enhance our community’s wellness and
opened ReadyCare, the Bertha Area Wellness Center, Henning Physical Therapy Clinic, the Verndale Clinic and the
Bertha Physical Therapy Clinic.
Fjeldheim, Superintendent of Sebeka schools, became a Tri‐County board member on January 1, 2009. A native
of Herreid, South Dakota, Fjeldheim received his Bachelor of Science degree in Education in 1980, his Master of Science
Degree in Secondary School Education in 1990, his K‐12 Principal Certification in 2001 and in 2005 Fjeldheim received his
Superintendent Certification through St. Cloud State University. Over the years, Fjeldheim has worked as a teacher,
coach, athletic director, principal and superintendent. His community and professional involvement includes numerous
organizations. He and his wife, Kathy, a special education teacher at Sebeka High School, have two children.
“With so many changes in health care, I am proud to have a board dedicated to our community and someone of
Dave Fjeldheim’s caliber as our board chair,” said Beiswenger. “Through his service as a board member since 2009 and his commitment to completing the comprehensive Minnesota Hospital Association certification program, I am confident
Dave will help us meet our future goals.”
With a wide array of knowledge, the 11‐member Governing Board work to support Tri‐County’s mission to
improve the health of the communities it serves. The Board is responsible for overseeing the progress and success of Tri‐
County Health Care. Key responsibilities include ensuring that the mission, vision and standards of excellence are
achieved; development and monitoring of organizational strategic activities; monitoring patient quality and safety
programs; and maintaining the financial integrity of Tri‐County Health Care.
Under the leadership of the Board Chairperson and Joel Beiswenger, the President and CEO, the Board of
Directors work together to meet organizational goals which currently include an emphasis on professional recruitment,
Foundation support and growth, convenient care and access, by continuing to foster the strong ties with health care
partners to bring high quality services and specialists to the local area.
“We have a proud tradition as an independent, locally‐governed health care organization,” said Beiswenger.
“We are grateful for Dave Quincer’s service and the historical foundation of local leadership that has made Tri‐County
successful, and we look forward with confidence to Dave Fjeldheim’s leadership to address the complicated issues facing
health care today. On behalf of the board and Tri‐County leadership, we want to thank Dave Quincer for his years of
service as president and his continued service on the Tri‐County Health Care board.”

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