Find Yourself Through 4-H Junior Leader Workshop

Find Yourself Through 4-H Junior Leader Workshop

Junior Leader Workshop (JLW)-“Find Yourself Through 4-H” was held October 15-16 at Faith Haven Camp near Battle Lake.  This camp’s focus is to be proactive in developing leaders in grades 6-9.  It is essential for the future of our rural communities to develop leaders to become productive and contributing individuals. Eleven counties were represented by the 80 youth who attended.

Youth participants are part of different committees. These committees are used as vehicles to empower youth to become more confident, learn to work as part of a team and to showcase their skills to others.  Committee members plan activities and implement them throughout the camp.  Committees are guided by Continuing Committee Members (CCMs) who were chosen after last year’s JLW through an application process.

West Otter Tail County 4-H had 18 youth attend (plus 3 CCMs). Pictured are:

Front: Kate Johansen, Eagle Lake 4-H; Maddie Boyd, Fergus 4-H; Mallory Bergem, Fergus 4-H; Returning CCM Elizabeth Bergem, Fergus 4-H; Ben Meek, Barnhard 4-H; Brodey Mekalson, Eagle Lake 4-H. Second row: Natalie Johansen, Eagle Lake 4-H; Holly Bergquist, Grove Lake 4-H; Alix Hatle, Grove Lake 4-H; Lily Williams, Grove Lake 4-H; Mia Stewart, Pelican 4-H; Olivia Bergquist, Grove Lake 4-H; Sarah Willits, Grove Lake 4-H. Third row: CCM Brianna Carter, Dane Prairie 4-H; Greta Tollefson, Grove Lake 4-H; Natalie Williams, Grove Lake 4-H. Last row: Nick Wiezorek, Maplewood 4-H; Nick Carter, Dane Prairie 4-H; CCM Spencer Mekalson, Eagle Lake 4-H; Andrew Jensen, Barnhard 4-H; Sam Heeter, Dalton Gophers 4-H.

In addition to working in their committees, youth took part in workshops to further develop their leadership skills. Workshops were taught by Extension staff, guest presenters, 4-H alumni, and returning CCMs. Workshops included: Team Building/Adventure Initiatives, First Impressions, Rope activities, Culture Exploration, Election Experience, Catapults, and more.  Also attending and sharing about the MN 4-H State Ambassador program was current MN State 4-H Ambassador Aly Coleman of Grant County 4-H .

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