Fergus Falls Artists Jeff and Carl Zachmann Receive Home Town Exhibition at LRAC/McKnight Main Gallery

Fergus Falls Artists Jeff and Carl Zachmann Receive Home Town Exhibition
at LRAC/McKnight Main Gallery

The Lake Region Arts Council will open a unique exhibition featuring home town artists, Jeff and Carl Zachmann.  “Zachmann, Father and Son Exhibit” opened Jan. 4 and will run until March 5, 2016. This exhibit will feature 23 works by the duo, including Jeff Zachmann’s newest 11 1/2 foot tall kinetic metal sculpture. Also included are Jeff and Carl’s first attempts at creating their very special art, dating from 1991 and 2011 respectively. The opening reception and artists talk will be held Tuesday, Jan. 19 from 5-6:30 pm at the LRAC/McKnight Main Gallery at 135 S. Mill St., Fergus Falls, MN. The public is invited to attend. The Lake Region Arts Council/McKnight Gallery will be open Saturday, Feb. 13 from 10:30 to 2 to accommodate those that cannot attend during our regular Gallery hours of Monday-Friday, 9-5 pm.

Jeff Zachmann has gained international recognition for his unique kinetic metal sculptures. He has made sculptures for the Smithsonian, Disney’s Epcot and is well represented in private and public collections throughout the country and the world. His work fascinates the viewer as they watch brightly colored marbles, spinning, dropping and leaping through a maze of wire tracks. When asked about his work, Jeff said, “I strive to make my sculptures intriguing static pieces that, when set in motion, become captivating. I try to make my work an oasis within a hectic world. Life can be too serious; we all need those things that let us retreat from it.”

Carl Zachmann approaches moving metal sculpting is his own unique style.  Carl’s work is focused on the use of industrial gears which drive the action of his pieces. Fascinating to watch, Carl’s sculptures, have multiple gears, round, square, oddly shaped gears, meshing perfectly and spinning in concert. Explaining what he is conveying in his work, Carl said, “The raw and painted steal gears are put in motion and set against a static background of found metal that gives homage to the Industrial Revolution in an increasingly electronic world.”

The Lake Region Arts Council is proud to partner with the Zachmanns to offer this unique exhibit. We appreciate that Jeff and Carl have included many pieces from their private collection. The exhibit is a rare opportunity to see a large collection of both artists work. We hope that local schools will take advantage of the exhibit to bring students to see how science, engineering and art can come together.

For more information call the LRAC office 218-739-5780 or by email at LRAC4@LRACgrants.org

Kinetic Sculpture by Carl Zachmann

Kinetic Sculpture by Jeff Zachmann

Carl and Jeff Zachmann in their studio

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