Did You Know?

Dining outdoors when the weather is warm can make for a pleasant change of pace. While certain aspects of eating outside can be enticing, Mother Nature can sometimes complicate the experience. Wind is one challenge to dining outside, as diners may find themselves chasing paper napkins or airborne plastic cups on windy afternoons or evenings. To safeguard against the wind, rely on reusable, heavy plastic items that are less likely to blow away in the wind. Also, keep tablecloths in place with a few supplies. Use a grommet-making tool to punch holes into the tablecloth and attach plastic or metal grommets. Place the tablecloth on the table and slip a thin bungee cord fastener to a grommet on the underside of the table. Stretch the cord across to a grommet on the other side of the tablecloth and secure. Two or three sets of grommets and bungee cords may be all you need to keep the tablecloth in place and enjoy an interruption-free meal outside.

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