4-H Bowling Tournament

The annual West Otter Tail 4-H Bowling Tournament was held at Northern Aire Lanes in Fergus Falls on Sunday, February 18. Ten of the 14 West Otter Tail 4-H clubs competed in Junior, Senior, and Adult Teams.

The top 4 Junior teams out of 9 entered were: 1. Eagle Lake 4-H, 928 points; 2. Amor 4-H, 859 points; 3. Dane Prairie 4-H, 841 points; and 4. Dalton Gophers 4-H, 745 points. The top high score junior bowler was Levi Knutson, Dane Prairie 4-H, with 365 points.

The top 4 Senior teams out of 9 participating were 1. Nidaros 4-H with 1514 points, 2. Eagle Lake 4-H, 1269 points; 3. Buse Orwell 4-H, 1239 points; and 4. Dane Prairie 4-H, 1146 points. The top high score senior bowler was Jack Bjorklund, Nidaros 4-H, with 490 points.

Out of 7 Adult teams, Dalton Gophers, with a total score of 1722 points, took home top prize. The top score adult bowler was Dan Kort with 545 points.

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