4-H Awards Day

4-H Awards Day

West Otter Tail 4-H held its annual 4-H Awards Day on Sunday, November 13 in Fergus Falls. Receiving recognition for project records submitted were 20 Cloverbuds (grades kindergarten through 2nd), 20 3rd through 5th graders, and 34 4-H’ers grades 6+.  There were 15 young people who graduated out of 4-H (4-H is for youth kindergarten through 13th grade) after being members for anywhere from 3 to 14 years.

Special awards are as follows:
Community Pride Award: Amor 4-H Club
Secretary of the Year: Bret Leitch, Barnhard 4-H; Honorable Mention going to Natalie Johansen, Eagle Lake 4-H
Treasurer of the Year: Daniel Ukkelberg, Eagle Lake 4-H; Honorable Mentions were Jacey Schlosser, Dalton Gophers 4-H; Mollie Thornton, Pelican 4-H; Autum Petterson, Fergus 4-H; Greta Tollefson, Grove Lake 4-H; Makena Kenyon, Nidaros 4-H; Bret Leitch, Barnhard 4-H; and Melody Lundquist, Amor 4-H
Reporter/Historian of the Year: Amber Frigaard, Dalton Gophers 4-H
Friend of 4-H: Eagle Lake Township, nominated by Eagle Lake 4-H
4-H Family of the Year: Erick & Jennifer Fronning & family, Dane Prairie 4-H
Outstanding Junior Leader: Daniel Ukkelberg, Eagle Lake 4-H
Outstanding Adult Leader: Janelle Hawkinson, Dane Prairie 4-H
Key Award Recipient: Elizabeth Bergem, Fergus 4-H
Club of the Year: Dane Prairie 4-H; Honorable Mention goes to  Barnhard 4-H, Amor 4-H, and Norwegian Grove 4-H
Daryl Carter Mentoring Award: Elizabeth Bergem, Fergus 4-H

The election for Leaders Council was also held. The Leaders Council meets 4 times a year to make important decisions concerning West Otter Tail County’s 4-H program.

These are the 2016-17 Officers, Directors and Leaders:

President: Elizabeth Bergem, Fergus 4-H
Vice President: Emily Cole, Eagle Lake 4-H
Secretary: Daniel Ukkelberg, Eagle Lake 4-H
Adult Treasurer: Cindy Bartsch, Fergus Falls
Youth Treasurer: Brianna Carter, Dane Prairie 4-H

Adult Directors: District 1 – Janelle Hawkinson, Dane Prairie 4-H; District 2 – Lisa Cole, Eagle Lake 4-H; District 3 – Jennifer Pesek, Buse Orwell 4-H; District 4 – Amy Bergem, Fergus 4-H; District 5 – Jessica Metzger, Oscar Trondhjem 4-H
Junior Leaders: District 1 – Brooke Grewe, Dane Prairie 4-H; District 2 – Spencer Mekalson, Eagle Lake 4-H; District 3 – Joseph Rogal, Buse Orwell 4-H; District 4 – Mallory Bergem, Fergus 4-H; District 5 – Mason Thornton, Pelican 4-H

If you are interested in enrolling your children in 4-H, or if you would like to become a 4-H adult volunteer, please contact University of Minnesota Extension, West Otter Tail County, at 218-998-8760, or email Tammy Nordick, 4-H Program Coordinator, at nordi012@umn.edu.

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