Jeani Trosvig

“I did plenty of exercising when I was younger; I don’t NEED to do it anymore!” If you ever run into people who think this way, here’s a good come-back for you…”If you don’t use it, you WILL lose it!”

We begin to lose muscle mass in our 30’s…in our 30’s! Without muscle strength, everything becomes a chore, even something as simple as getting out of a chair or walking up a flight of stairs. We need to be building muscle throughout our lives; one easy way to do this is through weight-lifting. We’re talking about something as simple as picking up a couple of 3 pound weights at the store and exercising with them a few times each week.

If you are telling yourself that you are too old to start exercising now…that’s a load of BUNK! A group of nursing home residents ranging in age from 87 to 96 recently improved their muscle strength by 180 percent just after 8 weeks! In general, frail elderly people find that their balance improves, their pace quickens, and stairs become less of a challenge after they begin age-appropriate strength training. This alone proves that you are never too old to start exercising. Most seniors can lose weight FASTER through STRENGTH TRAINING than through aerobic exercise. Lifting weight helps replace fat with muscle and speed up the metabolism.

As for aerobic exercise, you are not expected to go out and enroll in an aerobics class or start running around Lake Alice. Aerobic exercise is anything that gets oxygen into your system and works your lungs and heart. This could be walking, dancing, bicycling, swimming! Researchers at Harvard found that women who walked just 3 hours a week cut their risk of heart disease by 40%. Heart disease is the number 1 killer among women! Duke researchers found that 16 weeks of aerobic exercise eased symptoms as thoroughly as a 16-week regimen of anti-depressant drugs. Now, you shouldn’t stop taking all your prescribed medications and take up tennis and line-dancing. What you SHOULD do is consult your Doctor or Nurse before starting any new exercise program.

After you’ve consulted your physician, you are invited to tune into Peg Access channel 8 each morning at 10:00 Monday-Friday for Mill Street Residence’s 30-minute exercise program. It’s never too late to get moving!

Jeani Trosvig

Activities and Community Relations Coordinator for Mill Street Residence


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